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Tour escorts and guides, interpreters, of Italy

This association was founded with the aim to collect and protect the certified professionals operating in tourism in Italy, along with the desire to offer high quality services to all operators in the sector and promote a high-quality reception.

In particular, we propose:
a) the protection of the professional categories of tourism represented in all fields and at all levels;
b) the recognition and enhancement of professional and cultural categories represented;
c) respect and safeguard of code of conduct and professional ethics of the Members;
d) the study and solution of the problems of the category of tourism professionals;
e) the updating and improvement of professional skills of its members;
f) the promotion of tourism and cultural activities in our area, underlining wealth and peculiarities, with the aim of enhancing the development of the sector and employment opportunities;
g) collaboration with private operators and public authorities in the tourism sector;
h) participation in an active form at conferences and tourism fairs;
i) the organization of tourist and cultural certified events;
l) the management of tourist information points.

The passion for our work has led us to establish the Association Agilo. We are sure that our enthusiasm will be shared by more and more people, in order to represent in the near future a strong and productive entity of our land.



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Agilo sta ricevendo dai propri soci mail che denotano scoramento e addirittura rassegnazione riguardo alla sorte degli Accompagnatori turistici.La legge